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File Preparation

For starters 

TRIM Always include trim marks (trim marks indicate the final size and postion of your print job).

MARGIN We require at least 3mm of margin on all files – that means you need to keep all your important information away from this area, particularly text and logos. 

BLEED: We require at least 3mm of external bleed on all files. Your job is printed on a larger sheet than its finished size and then trimmed to size. External bleed is the area extending past your trim area and allows for a small amount of movement that may occur when your work is being cut to size.

Creating your file

It is preferred that files are created using the Adobe Creative Suite, files created in Word or Publisher are not suitable for press in most cases and

Supply in CMYK mode

You will have more control over the final appearance of your print job if you convert all of your images from RGB to CMYK before sending them to us.

Best resolution?

Resolution is the number of pixels within an image. The higher the resolution, the better the picture, however if you have too high a resolution it is not utilised and makes your files too large. We suggest making your artwork at 300dpi when it’s at full size.

Resolution has an inverse relationship with size – if you enlarge an image you lower its resolution and conversely, if you reduce an image you increase its resolution. How an image is originally attained will determine its resolution and what size it can be printed at in order to be clear and crisp.

­Always outline or embed y­our fonts

Outlining or embedding the fonts that you use in your files means we can print them even if we don’t have those particular fonts installed on our computers and they will look exactly the way you want them to.

Remember you must have a license to embed certain fonts.

­Spot Colours

If your job is cmyk please remember to remove unwanted spot colours or convert them to cmyk.

If you have specfic questions about producing your press ready files please contact us on 07 3276 3100.